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If you require a more extensive restoration than a crown or have more than one tooth that needs to be replaced, a good solution is a dental bridge. A bridge helps to strengthen the prepared teeth underneath and makes chewing and eating easier because they are fixed and cannot come out. They can also improve bite issues and speech problems that may occur as a result of missing teeth.

Bridges are usually made of a precious metal base which gives them a solid structure and makes them hard-wearing. If you need a bridge in your smile line, porcelain or ceramic material is used to make it look natural in appearance.

The procedure for a dental bridge is similar to that of a crown. Your dentist will prepare the teeth before taking an impression, which will be used by the dental laboratory to make the bridge. A shade guide is used to determine the right shade for the bridge to give you a natural looking smile. Your dentist will fit a temporary bridge so that you don't leave the practice with a gap in your smile and to protect the exposed gums and teeth.

Your custom-made bridge normally takes two weeks to make. Your dentist will make sure it fits correctly, making any necessary adjustments, before cementing it in place.

Bridges are hard wearing and as long as you take extra care of your daily hygiene routine they should last many years.


Some bridges can also be fixed to your jaw with dental implants.

Once you have a bridge fitted, you will have to take extra care of your daily hygiene regime to prevent the build-up of plaque and prevent bad breath.

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